Feelings is a difficult theme. Inspired by Edwin Lock, to get a better grasp of them, I’ll name and identify a few:

First some good feelings:

Desire: Wanting a value you don’t have.

Pride: Recognition of accomplishing something by your own honest effort. Recognition of own good traits.

Love :To value (thing or person) Romantic love (highest value of other person)

Hope Possibility for achieving a value.

Happiness The whole life is good.

Admiration. Hold in high esteem because of character or accomplishment.

Satisfaction Have what you want.

Some bad feelings:

Fear. Present physical threat. Threat to a value.

Anxiety. Future uncertain threat.

Disappointment: Failure to get a value you where counting on:

Guilt: Violating your own moral standards.

Anger. Witnessing injustice.

Envy. Discontent of someone who has a value you would like. Benevolent.

Sadness. Experiencing loss of value.

Depression. Widespread loss of value. Nothing is good and it will not be better.

First thing to note is that feelings are automatic reactions. You don’t decide today like “ I’m going to have a depression tomorrow”  or «I will be proud of this» . Rather emotions are immediate automatic reactions to some events. Bang! You don’t consciously control your emotions.

You can however control your emotions indirectly. All emotions have a cause. They are a reaction to something. By identifying the causes you can validate whether the emotions are correct responses. If the responses are incorrect you can try to correct you response by introspection telling yourself your response is incorrect. You can also act to mitigate causes of bad emotions and reinforce causes of good emotions.

Second point is that emotions relates to values. Good emotions relates to gaining values. Bad emotions to loosing or lacking values. I think emotions are life promoters put in human by evolution and survival of the fittest.

Good feelings are good and we will act to get more of them. In the process we gain values promoting our survival. Bad feelings are bad and we tend to act to avoid them regaining the lacking values. Species without feelings would just not care and die out.

Third point is the close relation between emotions and morality. Good and bad emotions are caused by gaining or loosing values. Morality is concerned about good and evil. The good is life promoting values whereas evilness is destruction of values.

All people experience emotions. They are real and affect and influence us a lot. Having good emotions feels physically good whereas bad emotions can really hurt. In a sense our emotions is an organ making us act to gain values and survive. As it is directly correspondent to morality. Morality is an organ just as real as our lungs and hearth.


One thought on “Feelings

  1. That was nice!! But how about infatuation?

    Infatuation is unreasoned love (?)

    To love a person is to value a person. It is a good idea to introspect and identify exactly why you love a person. ( handsome, intelligent, witty, caring, good cook etc. etc. ) You may discover qualities you have not thought about the person in the process.

    But maybe also when doing this exercise you may find that this person do not really hold many values. Then this is a «read flag» and you should try to get «out of the loop.»

    If your emotions and reason tell you different things you should listen to reason. But still you should use your reason to introspect and identify the causes of your emotions. Maybe then you will find things you were not consciously aware of.

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