The language of liberty

The Heritage foundation is each year publishing a ranking of the world’s countries according to their economic freedom

Of the top ten 8 is speaking English. Of the other world languages the best Spanish speaking country is Chile (11). Best French speaking country is France (64). Best Russian speaking country is Kazakhstan (78). How come this English dominance among the world most free countries?

If we take a look at the map we find many of the other most free countries in the waterways around England notably Denmark (8), Estonia (14) the Netherlands (15) Finland (17) Sweden (22) Lithuania (24) and Norway (30).

I admit this is not much of a scientific material but I’ll draw some conclusions anyway; I believe people at the coast have been the first to experience the benefits of trade. Many have prospered. The tradesman is also difficult to control so they have become independent individuals and a counterweight to centralized power. And the spread of the ideas have followed the trade,

This is opposed to life in the inland without the water roads. Trade was more cumbersome. There were fewer prosperous tradesmen and the peasants locked to their land were easier to control. For these reasons Liberty has been suppressed in the inlands.

The influence of Magna Carta on liberty in the English culture is immense but I believe the freedom of the seas helped fostering Magna Carta too. English is really the language of liberty!

Ulf Lundell’s praise of the freedom at the coast:


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